How to calculate shipping rate

Why international express shipping fee is not only calculated by the parcel actual weight? How to calculate shipping fee? What is volumetric weight?

International Express shipping cost is calculated based on the following factors

1. The courier company and service selected when making an online shipment booking; and

2. The  "actual weight" and "volumetric weight" of the parcel, whichever is greater.


What is volumetric weight?


Volumetric Weight Calculation Formula 
Length (cm) X width (cm) X height (cm) / 5000

Why is the international express shipping fee not only calculated by the actual weight of the parcel?

Many couriers consider both volumetric and actual weight to calculate costs because it better represents the true cost of transporting the package.

A package even if the actual weight is very light, but the larger the size, the more space it takes up on the plane, and therefore the higher the shipping cost. So if an item is large and light in size, the shipping fee will be calculated based on the actual weight and volume weight, whichever is greater, rather than simply based on the actual weight.


Last update: 15 Mar 2024