Manual Pickup Booking Guide

More ways to pick up your order

If you have concerns regarding time and cost, we would like to offer alternative pickup options through other service providers through manual order process. Please fill up the manual pickup form here. Upon submission of the form, you will receive a notification via email.

Same Day Collection

Order Placing Cut-off Time: 1230pm

If the order is placed after 1230pm, the collection will be arranged on the next working day.


Payment Method

The pickup fee will be consolidated weekly and charged every Monday. The charge will be directly debited from your registered account linked credit card. Payment details will be sent to you via email.


Pickup Instruction

To ensure proper handling and delivery of your packages, kindly label all outer boxes with the following details:

- Delivery address
- Company name
- Box number
- Parcel number
- Pickup date


You can download the sample manual pickup label here.



It offers dynamic quotations based on location, delivery method and traffic. Instant delivery can be arranged through Courier service. Spaceship charges the pickup fee based on the actual total cost incurred. Tracking is available for all service types. To get an estimate of the fee, you can use the following link:

Get a Quote:

Additional Cost:


Last updated on  20 Aug 2023