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What Is a Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS plays a very important role in the customs declaration, air transportation, land transportation and other links of import and export.

What is MSDS?

A Material Safety Data Sheet is a document that contains information about the physical, chemical, explosive, and radioactive data of hazardous material in a shipment.  Any item that might pose a hazard should have an MSDS to warrant their eligibility to be transported as a generic cargo. 

What type of shipment do I need a MSDS?

It is very important for the carriers to know the components and material being shipped.  Especially for restricted items like liquid, battery or powder product, you should always attach MSDS to the shipment to avoid delays in transportation. 

Common goods that require MSDS 

Type Example
Liquid product Beauty toner, drink, liquid supplement, oil essence
Battery product Mobile phone, laptop, electronic beauty device
Powder product Beauty powder, supplement powder

Which part of MSDS proves the product "not classified as a dangerous good"?

Section (9) Physical and Chemical Properties and Section (14) Transport Information would provide most important information for carrier evaluation.  It is also important to note that all MSDSs should be dated and have an issue date in current year. 

How can I get a MSDS

In most circumstances, you can obtain the MSDSs from manufacturer.  If you manufacture the item, you can obtain the MSDS from a MSDS agency. If you wish to get a referral of MSDS agency, you may contact business@spaceshipapp.com 


Last Updated:  21 Feb 2023