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Learn how to set up Packagings & FedEx account to use FedEx Pak.



FedEx Packaging

1. FedEx Pak / Boxes -  Reusable shipping materials

2. Activate FedEx Packaging

3. FedEx Packaging Size

4. FAQ



  1. Click Settings on the side navigation bar and go to the Packagings Tab

  2. Fill in the information and click Add 

  3. Your box will be displayed on the list


FedEx Packaging

1. FedEx Pak / Boxes -  Reusable shipping materials

Introducing FedEx Pak, the reusable shipping solution that not only saves shippers money on packaging but also eliminates the hassle of searching for shipping boxes.

Now, Spaceship Pro offers FedEx carrier account users the opportunity to utilize FedEx Pak services while enjoying exclusive discounts.

2. Activate FedEx Packaging on Spaceship Pro

First, activate your FedEx carrier account on Spaceship Pro

a. Click Settings on the navigation bar

b. Click Carriers and choose FedEx

c. Fill in your FedEx account information

After activating your FedEx account, you gain access to your exclusive discount and can take advantage of FedEx Pak services through Spaceship Pro.

Activate FedEx Pak

a. Click Settings on the navigation bar

b. Click Packaging and activate FedEx Packaging

After set up, you can create shipments and use FedEx Pak as your packaging option.

3. FedEx Packaging Size

FedEx Pak offers a variety of packaging sizes, with shipping fees calculated based on weight rather than dimensions, making it an ideal choice for shipping small items such as accessories and phone cases.

Spaceship provides 3 packaging options: FedEx Padded Pak, FedEx Large Pak and FedEx XL Pak.

FedEx Pak Dimension Weight limitation* Calculation Base
FedEx Padded Pak L30 x W38 x H1 2.5 KG Weight
FedEx Large Pak L31 x W40 x H1 2.5KG Weight
FedEx XL Pak L45 x W53 x H1 2.5KG Weight

*If weight is over 2.5KG will be charged at FedEx International Priority rates.


Imagine your original parcel measures 45 x 53 x 3 cm and weighs 1 kg.

The dimensional weight, in this case, calculates to 1.43 kg, which is slightly heavier than the actual weight.

When you opt for FedEx Pak in such scenarios, you are billed based on the actual weight of the package, which in this case is 1 kg. This means you are only charged for the real weight, not the dimensional weight.

Here's how the cost savings are calculated:

  • Chargeable weight using the dimensional weight (1.43 kg) is rounded up to 1.5 kg.
    Quoted cost for FedEx International Priority (Fedex IP) using the dimensional weight: $289.68.

On the other hand,

  • Chargeable weight using the actual weight (1 kg).
    Quoted cost for FedEx International Priority (Fedex IP) using the actual weight: $238.38.

The cost saved is calculated as follows:

Cost saved = ($238.38 - $289.68) / $289.68 x 100% = 17.71%

So, by choosing FedEx Pak and paying based on the actual weight, you can enjoy significant savings of approximately 17.71% on your shipping fees. While it may not reach exactly 20%, this approach represents a substantial and cost-effective strategy for your shipments.

Spaceship Pro has plans to introduce additional FedEx packaging sizes in the future, and we'll keep you updated with the latest developments as soon as they become available.

4. FAQ

1. Can I use FedEx Pak for other carrier service?

No, FedEx Pak is only available for FedEx shipping. 

2. I don't have a FedEx account, can I still use FedEx packaging services?

FedEx packaging services are reserved for FedEx account users. However, Spaceship Pro offers a variety of other carrier services with discounted pricing for your convenience.