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Reminders for shipping luxury items

When sending luxury/branded goods and fashion items, please accurately declare the items and their value, and take note of the following guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact Spaceship customer service.

  • When shipping high-value items such as branded handbags and fashion items, whether they are second-hand or brand new, when declaring the shipping items online, it is suggested to use the value stated on the original purchase receipt of the item as the declared value.
  • Please accurately declare the items, for example: Hermes Birkin Bag;
    Avoid using general terms like "Handbag".
  • You can also include a copy of the purchase receipt of the item in the shipping documents. This will make it easier for customs to understand the authenticity and market value of the goods, assisting in customs clearance and tax assessment.
  • During customs clearance, customs will inspect and compare the declared value of the items with the declaration documents, tariff codes, and corresponding market values of the items. If customs, after verification, finds that the declared value stated in the shipping document is unreasonable, customs have the right to re-evaluate the declared value of the items and impose taxes based on the newly determined value.
  • Please accurately declare the value of the items. If customs discovers that the shipper/receiver has provided incorrect, omitted, or false information regarding the shipped item's details or value, customs have the authority to handle the relevant shipments in accordance with local regulations. This may include holding the shipment for inspection, forced parcel abandon, forced parcel return, or imposition of fines. The customs verification process could take several months, and all extra charges will be billed to shipper.
  • Shipper/Receiver may need to provide information as requested by customs to assist in the clearance process. This could include providing official receipts from authorized brand retailers to prove the authenticity of the items, or shipping authorization letters issued by the brand to verify the accuracy and official approval for shipping.
  • If customs determines that the shipped items are counterfeit/replicas, the shipments will be assessed as infringing upon intellectual property rights. Customs have the authority to forcibly abandon the shipments without further notice. This condition will NOT be eligible for shipper/ receiver to apply for any refund or compensation.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure smooth shipping and customs clearance of your luxury/branded goods and fashion items. If any questions, please contact Spaceship Customer Service Team. 

Last Updated:  31 Aug 2023