Shipments - Schedule Pickup

Select 1 or more shipments for pickup

  1. Click Schedule Pickups on the side navigation bar

  2. Select more than 1 shipment by clicking the checkboxes on each shipment row or bulk select by clicking the checkbox on the header table. Click Schedule Pickup (x)
  3. Select a pickup address and the pickup time slot to proceed to Pay & Schedule.

    Pickup Address - Choose your Default pickup address or add a new pickup address of different warehouses.

  4. Schedule Pickup completed. Download Shipping Document(s) and Pickup Label(s), and remember pickup collection regulations.

    Shipping Document(s) - For each package's international shipping label.

    Pickup Label(s) - For the collection of each pickup package.

    **Pickup collection regulation:

    If you have more than 1 of 4 shipment types mentioned below, DO NOT mix into same collection bag/box:

    1. SF International shipment(s)
    2. Other international shipment(s), except SF
    3. International Shipment(s) pick up by Aramax
    4. Domestic shipment(s)

    Otherwise, extra costs will be made due to additional logistic arrangements.

  5. Click Scheduled on the side navigation bar to manage all your Schedule pickups orders and click '...' to view details.

Download Individual Shipment/ PickUp Invoice

Now you can download Individual Invoice for each Shipment/ Pickup.

Spaceship Pro

To download individual invoices:

For Shipments:

  1. After creating a shipment, download the individual invoice immediately upon checkout at the Payment page.
  2. Navigate to Download & Print , locate the relevant shipment, and click on "Details" to initiate the download.

Spaceship Pro Invoice download

For Pickups:

  1. Upon creating a pickup request, download the individual invoice right after checkout on the payment page.
  2. Naviagte to Scheduled, locate your pickup request, and click on "Details" to proceed with the download.

Pickup Invoice Spaceship PRo