How To Handle International and Domestic Shipments Collection?

Please note that the pickup arrangement is different for international and domestic shipments.

Domestic shipments: You can schedule pickup time right away when purchasing your domestic shipments.

International shipments: Schedule the pickup in the [Label created] page. For more details, please refer to this article: Schedule Pickup.


If you have  arranged pickup for both international and domestic shipments on same day:

  1. Do NOT put domestic and international shipments in the SAME outer collection bag. The shipping process differs between international and domestic shipments.
  2. An extra pickup fee will be incurred for domestic shipments collected with international shipments. International shipments will be delivered to Spaceship’s Parcel Processing Center before dispatch, but domestic shipments will be sent directly to the receiver's address. Therefore, additional logistics effort will result in extra pickup fees.



Last Updated:  14 Mar 2023