Add Harmonised Code(HS Code) to Your Shipping Item

This document explains how to search for HS codes for shipping items, the reason for HS code declaration , and the consequences of not including them. It also covers how to use Spaceship

Importance of Including HS Codes in Shipments

Starting from March 1, 2023, the EU launches phase 2 of Import Control System 2 (ICS2). Hence, it is required that all shipments to EU countries, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland must include the HS code, or customs detention and delays in delivery will occur.

Furthermore, the HS code must have 6-12 digits.

How to use Spaceship Pro to search shipping item HS Code

  • Spaceship Pro provides a list of item categories that users can browse to easily find the appropriate HS codes for their shipments.


Users can also directly input a more descriptive HS code. To search for the HS code, please visit the WTO website and follow these steps:

  1. Select "European Union" in the "Reporters" section
  2. Select "HS 17" in the "Products" section
  3. Input keywords about the items to find the right HS codes

How to use Shopify to sync shipping item HS Codes to Spaceship Pro

Please ensure that you have connected your Shopify store with Spaceship. If you have not done so , please follow the instructions in Connect with Spaceship Pro.

Shopify users can search for and input the HS code in the "Edit Shipping" page of the product variants setting. This will automatically sync the item HS code to Spaceship Pro.



    Last Updated:  14 Mar 2023