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Reminders for shipping telecommunication items to Southeast Asian countries

Below are reminders for shipping telecommunication equipments with functions like bluetooth, WIFI (wireless network), 3G, 4G, 5G network and low-frequency radio waves (such as infrared rays, etc.), GPS etc. to Southeast Asian countries

🇸🇬 Singapore
Shipping telecommunication items to Singapore does not require an import license, but please note the following restrictions

  • No matter the items are of second-hand or new, cannot ship over 5 telecommunication items;
    • For personal shipping purposes, only 2 devices can be sent in the same waybill
    • For commercial shipping purposes, the shipper must hold a valid telecommunications license and export license to export, and maximum 5 devices can be sent in the same waybill
  • If it is second-hand, when declaring the item, please indicate "Used" and whether the item is still functional
For example: used laptop computer (functional)
  • If required by customs, receiver in Singapore will need to provide a license from the  Infocomm Development Authority for customs clearance

🇮🇩 Indonesia

Shipping telecommunication items to Indonesia does not require an import license, but please note the following restrictions

  • Only brand new electronic products can be imported, second-hand ones cannot be imported
  • The receiver must to be an individual user
  • Each receiver can only receive a maximum of 2 telecommunication items
  • When shipping mobile phones, please indicate the tax code (HS CODE) 8517.12 and the mobile phone IMEI number in the item declaration
  • When shipping a tablet computers, please indicate the tax code (HS CODE) 8471.30 and the IMEI number of the tablet computer in the item declaration
  • Please prepare the following information at the same time to assist the customs clearance for the Indonesia customs 

( 1 ) Proof of mobile phone/tablet purchase

( 2 ) Receiver's TAX ID or a photo of the receiver identification document

🇲🇾 Malaysia
Shipping telecommunication items to Malaysia, regardless of the quantity, purpose, or items condition, the receiver needs to provide a valid import license

  • If the item contains batteries, shipper/ receiver need to apply for an import license from SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia)
  • This restriction applies to any electronic device, medical device, remote control function that has Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), 3G/4G/5G mobile network or can be connected to public networks or radio functions Toys, game consoles (such as: XBOX, PS4, PS5)

Shipping telecommunication items to Thailand, the receiver needs to hold an import license regardless of the quantity, purpose, or the items condition

  • The recipient needs to apply for an import license from Thailand's Telecommunication Dept.- National Broadcasting & Telecommunications Commission in advance
  • For general household electrical appliances, the receiver needs to provide the import license and supporting documents issued by the Ministry of Industry, Industrial Factory Department of Thailand
  • If the item is "second-hand" in nature and being imported as "unaccompanied luggage" for immigration purpose, maximum 1 device can be shipped


Shipping telecommunication items to Philippines, regardless of the quantity, purpose, or items conditions, the receiver needs to hold an import license
  • The recipient needs to provide an import license from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) of Philippines
Shipping telecommunication items to Vietnam & if you choose UPS or FedEx
  • Personal shipment is not accepted, only commercial shipment is accepted
  • Only brand new electronic products can be shipped, second-hand ones cannot be imported
  • Regardless of quantity, the shipment needs to undergo quality inspection by the customs, and the receiver needs to provide all the relevant certificate required and the import license of the Ministry of Information and Transmission of Vietnam
  • Prohibited imports: inkjet photocopiers, laser photocopiers, composite photocopy telex machines, dot matrix and laser printers, laptop computers (including laptops computers), desktop computers, computer keyboards , computer software and hardware, mobile phones and other cordless telephones, wired telephones, microphones, microphone stands, speakers and second-hand components of the above goods, etc.

If the shipper or receiver fails to provide the materials requested by carriers or customs, the shipment will not be able to complete customs clearance and will be forced returned or destroyed upon customs decision. The shipper needs to pay all extra charges (such as taxes/return fees/abandon fees/handling fees etc.), and the original shipment will not be refunded.

If you have any questions, please contact Spaceship online customer service


If Spaceship, the carriers or the customs find any prohibited items in the shipments, the shipper will need to pay an additional minimum HKD 1,000 handling fee in addition to the shipping fee and other related costs. The payment of such fees will not in any way limit or exclude any relevant legal responsibilities of the customer due to violations of international transportation regulations and rules, nor does it mean that Spaceship accepts any liability related to such prohibited items. Spaceship, carriers and customs also reserve all rights to pursue the sender and/or recipient.

For more information, please refer to the list of restricted and prohibited items

Examples of Common telecommunication equipments

【Computer and mobile phone accessories/devices】
. Smart phones
. Tablets (e.g. ipad)
. Laptop computers, Bluetooth speakers
. Bluetooth earphones (e.g. airpods)
. Wireless headsets (e.g. general computer wireless headsets, gaming dedicated headsets)
. Wireless microphone
. Smart watch (e.g. Samsung smart watch, apple watch, Go Pro watch etc.)

【3C Electronic Products, Household Appliances】
Electronic products or household appliances with WIFI and Bluetooth functions, such as
. wireless/ robot vacuum cleaner
. Digital camera, portable mobile phone photo printer
. Digital cameras accessories, e.g. selfie sticks, etc.
. Game consoles: Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch

【Desktop Computer Parts】
. Computer display card
.  Motherboards (require import licenses in some countries, e.g. Malaysia)