Penalty and Restricted/Prohibited Items

Understanding Restrictions and Prohibited Items for International Shipments

Before sending an international parcel, it's crucial to understand the restricted and prohibited items in both the exporting and importing countries. Spaceship, couriers, and customs have the authority to conduct a thorough investigation into the shipment, sender, and/or recipient. Non-compliant shipments may lead to penalties or handling fees imposed by Spaceship, the courier, customs, or other authorities.

Restricted Items (Goods that are acceptable under certain conditions)

If Spaceship, courier, or customs discover any restricted items that do not meet the document or packaging requirements, the account holder of Spaceship will be required to pay an additional handling fee of HKD 85 per package for the restricted items, as well as the return shipping costs.

Some international courier companies or specific circumstances (such as holding material safety sheet, business licenses, import/export permits) may accept the shipment of the following types of restricted items. If your mail contains any of the following items, please contact Spaceship customer service beforehand, provide the necessary shipping permits, and obtain further shipping advice:

  • Items containing medicinal ingredients, such as eye drops, cold medicine, prescribed medications, pain relief patches, anti-inflammatory creams.
  • Items containing lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal batteries (complying with IATA UN3481 Section 966 or Section 967 regulations, for more details, you can inquire with Spaceship customer service or refer to the guide for shipping electronic products).
  • Beverages with low alcohol content or alcohol concentration of 24% or below, including but not limited to beer, table wine.
  • Radio transceivers: all radio equipment and devices with Bluetooth/WIFI functions.
  • Powdered products, including but not limited to edible powder, cosmetic powder, cleaning powder products.

General Forbidden/Prohibited Items

If any prohibited or dangerous items are found by Spaceship, the courier, or customs, the Spaceship account owner will need to pay a minimum penalty of HKD 1,000. The pre-paid shipping cost and other associated expenses will not be refunded. It's important to note that the penalty has no maximum limit, and payment of the penalty does not exempt the Spaceship account owner, shipper and/or receiver from any legal responsibilities related to violating international transportation regulations.

Items requiring temperature control:

Fresh foods and beverages that may spoil quickly, including fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Items related to financial transactions:

  • Cash and legal tender, which includes banknotes, coins, and stamps
  • Various forms of payment such as cash vouchers, tokens, tickets, credit cards, debit cards, and cash cards
  • Precious items like gold bars or bars made of any valuable metal

Items related to tobacco and its accessories:

This category includes all types of tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and accessories related to tobacco and vaping, such as hookahs and e-cigarette accessories.

Metals, fine, jewelry, and art:

This category encompasses metals like gold, silver, and platinum in various forms such as bars, coins, or ingots. It also includes uncut and polished precious and semi-precious stones, fine jewelry, as well as antiques and artwork.

Animal product:

  • remains
  • ashes
  • furs
  • live animals
  • Ivory and its products
  • Animal hunting items such as shark fins.
These restrictions are in accordance with the regulations set by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and local laws.

Plants and Plant Products:

This category includes a variety of items such as seeds and tobacco, among others.

Illegal, Obscene, and Indecent Articles:

This category includes illegal goods such as counterfeit items and narcotics, as well as pornography in various forms.

Dangerous Goods:

  • Items classified as dangerous or flammable include a range of products such as perfume, alcohol, aromatherapy oils, nail polish, paint, gasoline, motor oil, camphor oil, turpentine, tannat, glue, and similar flammable liquids under specific circumstances.
  • Packages that are damp or have an unusual smell
  • Gas, compressed gas, pressure tanks, including but not limited to compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas cartridges, inflatable spheres, life preservers, explosive car airbags, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, light bulbs
  • Arms, arms-related components and ammunition and explosives.
  • Knives, crossbow arrows
  • radioactive or infectious material
  • Batteries alone, power banks


Items that are forbidden by law:

Products that are prohibited under the laws of any country or local government through which the shipment will pass through.

Spaceship provides a list of prohibited items for reference purposes only. If you have any questions regarding the items you plan to send, it is advisable to contact Spaceship customer service before shipping, as regulations may vary among different customs and courier companies globally.

We recommend that you contact the local customs before sending the shipment to ensure the latest information and avoid unnecessary delays or returns. All information is subject to the latest export and import laws and aviation regulations of the respective countries. Spaceship will not be responsible for any information provided here.


Last Update: 6 Mar 2024