Spaceship Care Shipment Protection FAQs

Curious about Spaceship Care? To provide you a clearer understanding of the service, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our users.


What does Spaceship Care cover?

How to Buy Spaceship Care?

How to file a Claim with Spaceship Care?

What does Spaceship Care support?


What does Spaceship Care cover? 

  • Cover all shipping carrier services available on Spaceship Pro
  • Provide your shipment extra protection, even covering the part incurred outside the control of carriers
  • Provide you full-item value protection
  • Pays even if carrier negligence is not supported from the carrier side, Spaceship Care coverage is more comprehensive for different shipping issues

How to Buy Spaceship Care?

1. How can I buy Spaceship Care for my shipment?

You can buy Spaceship Care during the checkout process for your shipment via Spaceship Pro

2. How do I settle the payment for Spaceship Care fee?

You need to pay the Spaceship Care fee by credit card along with your shipment purchase.

3. What sets Spaceship Care apart from the original carrier coverage?

Spaceship Care stands as an extra independent and comprehensive coverage option for your shipments, distinct from carrier coverage. It safeguards your shipments against damages out of carriers' control. Unlike carrier liability in traditional setting, which often just encompasses a limited monetary value and only addresses a fraction of potential damages that is proven directly  caused by the carriers, Spaceship Care offers you a more all-rounded and flexible protection to your shipments at your convenience. 

4. If I opt for Spaceship Care, does this impact the carrier's existing coverage?

Spaceship Care stands alone as an additional layer of protection for your shipments. It does not interfere with or alter the original coverage provided by the carrier.

5. What is the cost of Spaceship Care?

Spaceship Care comes with an affordable premium fee- 

$1.5 for every $100 increment of total items' value of a shipment

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6. Is there a monetary limit for Spaceship Care coverage?

Spaceship Care offers protection within a range of 10 to 10,000 USD.

7. Once the shipment has completed purchase, can I buy Spaceship Care after the shipment order has been placed? or after the shipment has been picked up or shipped?

You can only buy Spaceship Care during the checkout section before shipment booking is completed. Once the shipment completed purchase and move on to the pickup/ shipment section, you cannot add-on to buy Spaceship Care afterwards.

How to file a Claim with Spaceship Care?

1. What documentation is required for submitting a claim?

  • If you want to report a claim for Parcel Lost in transit/ Parcel being stolen
    Select the product category and describe your issue. Order receipt/invoice and reship/refund evidence from the seller would be needed. 
  • If you want to report a shipment Damaged claim:
    Apart from selecting the product category and describing the issue, the shopper needs to choose the damaged item from the list (if the order comprises of multiple products) and provide proof of purchase. 

2. Are there any types of shipments or items ineligible for claims?

Not all commodities/ shipping items are eligible to apply Spaceship Care
Including but not limited to:

  • Contraband, illicit goods, accounts receivable, fish meal, nuclear fuel and substances, fireworks, explosive agents, fire-starting devices or aids, plants, animals and insects, human tissues or organs, human remains, corpses or body parts, bullion, stamps, cash, currency, money, coins, deeds, notes, securities, bills, evidence of debt, precious stones, and fine arts and jewelry
  • Items listed in the List of Restricted and Prohibited Items page
  • Any items that violates the regulations of the related carrier service or violates the regulations of any country or local government where the shipment pass through
  • Commodity-specific coverage terms may apply.

3. Is there any deadline for filing a claim?

Yes, you must file a claim via your Spaceship Pro account within 75 days from the date of delivery/ expected date of delivery if your order is lost or damaged.

4. When will I receive confirmation of claim acceptance?

We will promptly notify you via email once your claim is approved/ declined/ if need any additional information to support your claim. Additionally, you can track the status of your claim through the claim portal on Spaceship Pro.

What does Spaceship Care support?

1. What carriers does Spaceship Care support?

Spaceship Care supports all services available on Spaceship Pro. And shipments placed under clients' own carriers' account via Spaceship Pro.

2. Does Spaceship Pro support both international and domestic shipping?

Both international and domestic shipments are covered under Spaceship Care protection.
However, the coverage will be null and void if there's a violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions. The insurance company will contact merchants to get more claim-related information if the shoppers' submitted details are not enough for approval. 

3. In the event of a tracking status scan indicating "delivered," yet the receiver claims not received the parcel due to theft as observed on CCTV, am I eligible to initiate a claim?

Spaceship Care supports losses incurred outside the control of the carrier. For example, carriers delivered the parcel at doorsteps of receiver address, but the parcel was stolen and the theft process is being captured on CCTV. You may then file the claim but please note that the ultimate determination rests with the insurance company after investigation of the claim materials provided.

4. In cases where the declared item value provided during order placement differs from the value on the purchase receipt, what steps should I take while submitting a claim?

If you declare a value lower than the provided valuation, your compensation for any loss will be based on the declared value and not any other valuation. For instance, if you declare a value of $500 for goods worth $1,000 (50% of the actual value), and a loss valued at $400 occurs, the Policy will only pay 50% of the loss value, which amounts to $200.

To proceed with the claim, you would still need to upload supporting documents, such as purchase receipts. 

Spaceship retains the sole right to assess and make decisions regarding coverage, and we reserve the right to modify the above conditions at any time without prior notice.

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