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Enjoy favorable price, reliable service and full end-to-end online tracking.

About CheckOut Express

CheckOut Express provides extensive delivery coverage in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and European Union Countries.  It is designed to serve eCommerce customers who desire affordable, reliable and regular tracking solution for small parcels. The parcels will be shipped by air,  then injected into the local postal or courier service for final mile delivery.  Tracking is available from end to end.

Service Options

Checkout Express Premium is available for export from Hong Kong into United States, Canada, Australia, European Union Countries,  New Zealand and United Kingdom.  

Transit Time

Destination Country Transit Time (Working Days)
United States 7 - 12 working days, additional time to remote area
Canada 6 - 10 working days, additional time to remote area
Australia 7 - 10 working days, additional time to remote area
New Zealand  7 - 10 working days, additional time to remote area
United Kingdom 6 - 10 working days, additional time to remote area
European Union Countries 6 - 10 working days, additional time to remote area

 Delivery Coverage

Destination Country No Service Area
United States APO/FPO (Zip3 090-099, 340, 962-966), Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands (Zip3 006-009), Hawaii and Guam (Zip3 967-969), Alaska (Zip3 995-999)
Other  NA

Key Tracking Events

The following key events are traceable on the tracking URL generated.  In practice, there will be more events to regularly update the shipment progress.

1. Pickup Scheduled

2. Arrived Spaceship Warehouse

3. Processed at origin hub

4. Uplifted

5. Arrived at destination airport

6. At customs (if goods are held in customs)

7. Arrived at destination processing facility

8. Tendered to final mile carrier

9. In transit

10. Out for Delivery

11. Delivered

Size and Weight Limitation

Destination Country Size Limitation
United States Max Length   ≤66cm,  L+Girth ≤213cm
Canada Max Length  ≤200cm, L+Girth ≤ 300cm
Australia Max Length  ≤100cm, Volume≤0.25m3
New Zealand  Max Length  ≤150cm, Volume≤0.125m3
United Kingdom Max: 60 x 40 x30cm, Min 10x10cm

* For shipments over the max limitation, pre-approval is required. It is subject to the oversize handling surcharge

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*Girth measurement:(Height + Width)X 2

Value Limitation

Destination Country Value Limitation
United States Less than USD800
Canada No limit
Australia Less than 1000 AUD
New Zealand  Less than 1000 NZD 
United Kingdom Less than GBP135 per parcel. 
European Union Countries Less than EUR150 per parcel

Customs Clearance 

Destination Country

Duty and Tax payment
United States DDU only
Canada DDP only
Australia DDP only
New Zealand  DDP only
United Kingdom DDP only
European Union Countries IOSS number is required.  In case the IOSS number is not provided, the shipment will be on DDP term with an IOSS handling fee.  


Return service is not available

Re-send service is not available


CheckOut Express Quotation

Additional surcharge


Last Updated:  13 Mar 2023