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Reminders for shipping cosmetics/ skincare Products

Navigating Regulations, Prohibitions, and Packaging Tips for Shipping Beauty Products Internationally

Business users can ship certain products after obtaining the required supporting documents and approval. Before initiating the shipment, it is crucial to carefully review both the supporting documents and the items being shipped.. For assistance, please contact the Spaceship business team. Please note that we do not accept cosmetics and skincare products from personal shippers.

Prohibited Cosmetics and Skincare Products

Certain cosmetics and skincare products are prohibited from shipping due to safety concerns. 

  • Perfumes
  • Nail polish
  • Alcohol-based products (classified as flammable dangerous goods)
  • Items with medicinal ingredients like whitening products and steroids
  • Products in pressurised containers or sprays

If Spaceship/ carrier/ customs authorities found any regulated items inside shipments but client did not declare shipping items properly or did not prepare the package as required, the client will be charged an additional regulated items handling fee of HKD 85 per package, as well as the return shipping costs.


If Spaceship/ carrier/ customs authorities found any prohibited items inside shipments, the sender will be liable for any additional charges, fines, or administrative fees incurred as a result of violating the prohibited items policy, and the order made will not be refunded. 

Restricted Cosmetics and Skincare Products

These items can be shipped safely with the inclusion of the MSDS, which serves as proof that the product is not hazardous, along with any other necessary documentation such as an English ingredient proof. Failure to provide these documents may lead to the parcel being forcibly returned or destroyed, with all associated costs being charged to the shipper.
  • Eye drops
  • Powder products such as foundation and blush
  • Masks, such as paper masks, mud masks, and gel masks
  • Cream products like eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrow gel, mascara, eyebrow dye, and eyebrow pencil
  • Gel-like substances such as body creams, facial cleansers, and moisturizing gels
  • Liquids like makeup remover, toner, foundation, and serum (essence)

Guidelines for Shipping to Specific Countries

Different countries have varying regulations on the import of cosmetics and skincare products. Some countries prohibit certain items, while others have restrictions on quantity, weight, and country of origin. In some places, these products are considered general items, while in others they are restricted, requiring the importer to submit an import permit and cosmetics manufacturer license issued by the local FDA or Ministry of Health. If you are unsure about the customs policy of your destination, please contact Spaceship CS.

Shipping Beauty Products to Spain

When shipping beauty products to Spain, the recipient must furnish an import license along with other business identity proofs as mandated by customs. These may include CIF, EORI, and VAT numbers, as per the specific requirements outlined by customs authorities.

Shipping Beauty Products to Malaysia 

Ensure to acquire the registration certification from the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) of Malaysia before shipping beauty products to Malaysia.

Shipping Beauty Products to Singapore 

In Singapore, recipients must possess an import license from the Health Science Authority. Additionally, cosmetics and skincare products must undergo laboratory inspection by the "Cosmetic Control Unit for new products" at the Singapore Health Sciences Authority and obtain a certificate of conformity before being shipped.


Consider using FedEx or Spaceship Air Cosmetics for shipping compliant beauty products, as these services offer smoother shipping processes and less friction.

Packaging Guidelines

Before shipping, ensure to use the original unopened container for the product, with the outer packaging clearly displaying the ingredients and materials in English. Use a sturdy cardboard box for packaging, wrapping the product with multiple layers of bubble wrap, buffer air bags, and packaging foams to prevent any damage during transportation. Don't forget to fill in the details of the package contents in the item description before sending, including quantity, weight, volume, material, function etc. It's also a good idea to take a picture of the ingredient list and other product information for easy reference when needed.

If the packaging is not done correctly, the courier reserves the right to reject the damage claim. For more information, please review the common reasons why claims may be denied.

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Last Updated:  6 Mar 2024