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Reminders for shipping food

. Please select FedEx/TNT express if ship food items, other express do not accept parcels with food items . Please follow the guidelines below to declare and prepare the parcel

General reminder

. Different countries have different definitions about endangered species, to avoid any clearance issue with your shipments, please avoid shipping any food that consist of meat and seafood, such as crocodile meat, bird's nest, shark fin, starfish, seahorse etc.

. According to the regulations of Hong Kong, if you want to import and export any products contains medicinal ingredients, you need to apply for a drug import and export license in advance. For personal shipments, please do not ship any items that contain medicinal ingredients 

. If the parcels contain any food in powder or liquid form, the customs department of the destination country may request the shipper to submit the MSDS material safety certificate in order to complete the customs clearance process. This certificate can be obtained from the product seller or manufacturer. If the shipper fails to provide the MSDS certificate as required by the customs, the parcel may be returned or destroyed by the customs and all additional costs must be paid by the sender

. To provide adequate protection for the items during shipping, please pack the items with multiple layers of bubble wrap and other buffer material. 

. If the customs has any doubts about the shipping items, customs has the right to request the shipper or receiver to provide extra supporting documents, such as the proof of the item contents. If the relevant valid documents cannot be provided, the parcel will be returned or destroyed according to the requirements of the customs.

Shipping food to UK 🇬🇧
. Any food contains eggs or meat (such as sausage, bacon) cannot be shipped
. TNT does not accept food shipping to the UK since July 2022

Shipping food to America 🇺🇸
. Food that contains meat ingredients cannot be shipped 
. If you are shipping any kind of food to the United States, whether it is for commercial use or personal consumption; or large or small volume, the U.S. Customs has the right to request, shipper to provide the "Prior Notice of Imported Foods" base on the requirement set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Shipper can apply the Prior Notice on the US Food and Drug Administration FDA website if needed

Apply the "Prior Notice of Imported Foods" here

Shipping food to Australia and New Zealand 🇦🇺 🇳🇿
. Food that contains eggs, meat ingredients, seeds or plant seeds cannot be shipped, such as raw scented tea and red dates

Shipping food to Japan 🇯🇵
. Food that contains meat ingredients cannot be shipped 

Shipping food to Taiwan 🇹🇼
. Food that contains meat ingredients cannot be shipped 

Shipping food to Malaysia 🇲🇾
. All food shipment, whether for personal or commercial use, requires an import permit for import

Shipping food to Thailand 🇹🇭
. Food that contains honey, meat and nuts cannot be shipped 

Shipping food to Korea 🇰🇷
. Food that contains meat and nuts cannot be shipped 
. Shipments for commercial use requires an import permit

Shipping food to Singapore 🇸🇬
. Food that contains egg and meat cannot be shipped
. Suggest no more than 5kg per shipment
. A food import certificate is required for item declared value over SGD 300

Precautions for personal shipping of dried-seafood and meat-free soup ingredient packs

. Each box is limited to 20kg
. If you ship more than 20kg, there is a high chance that the local customs will perceive your package as a commercial shipment, and there may be other procedures or documents that need to be provided for customs clearance.
. Note that each item must be declared separately in English
. It is recommended to ship packaged dried-seafood or soup ingredients with complete packaging and English food ingredient labels, and avoid sending self-packaged seafood 

If you have any questions, please contact Spaceship customer service